Leadership Developer | Diversity and Inclusion Strategist | International Speaker & Educator


Clients, peers, former managers, and staff have called Dr. Valerie D.W. James the architect of accelerated learning, leadership and inclusion strategist for leaders, companies, and professionals that are ready to take their careers and organizations higher. Dr. Valerie D. W. James is a human resources and management consultant in the corporate, healthcare, and higher-education arenas.
Her advice is highly sought-after by current and future leaders, as well as C-level executives. Valerie has been studying, assessing, and researching organizational management and leadership practices since
1994. She has spent over two decades leading sales, service and human resources teams, using every aspect of her talent as a Beyond the Basics leader to achieve results personally and
professionally. She has also served as president of a national human resources organization. In 1998, Valerie founded VisionSpot Consulting LLC, a corporate leadership, training, and organizational development firm with a national reach. Valerie has partnered with thousands of leaders across the globe to strategize about people, process, and productivity enhancement, in addition to developing learning and development programs for all staff. She has successfully helped implement sustainable solutions that promote diversity, build inclusion, and transform the way leaders, individuals, and organizations work to achieve productivity results in utility companies and government and city agencies, as well as for-profit and nonprofit settings. She is well versed in assessing, hiring, training, and managing high- performing teams from 2 to 200, as well as in organizations with more than 3,000 employees.As a result, in 2009 Valerie founded the SMB School of Leadership BOOST CAMP®, a traveling institution that is dedicated to delivering evidence-basedleadership de velopment Solutions that Maximize Brilliance (SMB) among leaders and their teams. She also broadened the firm’s brand to VisionSpot Consulting Group, LLC and                                                                                                                  widened their portfolio of services to include process improvement and project management strategies                                                                                                                    to increase operational efficiency in the workplace.

Valerie’s aptitude for leadership effectiveness and process improvement strategies and techniques help expand the knowledge,growth, and engagement of employees at all levels. She has a deep understanding of leadership, human psychology, and  motivation and will stretch beyond the reach of traditional leadership development programs to help you achieve tangible and measurable results. Valerie has received numerous leadership and service awards and accolades for streamlining processes, buildingcontinuity between leaders and their teams, and increasing customer and employee retention levels into the 80th percentile. These achievements have enabled VisionSpot to maintain and develop a company portfolio that consistently meets and exceeds clients’ expectations. Dr. Valerie D. W. James earned a doctorate in Education and Organizational Leadership from Pepperdine University. She is a Harvard trained leader, Six Sigma Green Belt Certified, a dynamic coach and speaker, and the author of four works: Leadership Intelligence Beyond the Basics, POWER Your Potential BOOST CAMP®. her new Leadership Edition of POWER, and Leadership Behavior Practice Patterns’ Relationship to Employee Work Engagement in a Nonprofit.  Her name is synonymous with leadership, motivation, and success.